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Danfoss: Pioneering Sustainability and Efficiency
Danfoss Climate Solutions is dedicated to sustainability and efficiency. We create energy-saving solutions for a greener future across various industries like buildings, infrastructure, and food preservation. Our main goals include:

Energy Efficiency: We focus on maximizing heating and cooling efficiency, promoting renewable energy sources, and reducing peak energy usage.

Triple Transition:
· Energy Transition: We’re shifting heating and cooling systems to cleaner energy sources.
· Refrigerant Transition: We’re moving towards refrigerants with low environmental impact.
· Food System Transition: We’re improving energy-efficient food and cold chain processes to reduce waste.
Climate Commitment: We aim to fight climate change and limit global warming to 1.5°C.
ESG Ambition:
· Decarbonization: We provide smart solutions to reduce carbon emissions and commit to carbon-neutral operations.
· Circularity: We promote innovation for sustainable products and practices.
· Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion: We prioritize diversity and inclusivity in our workforce.

Our solutions:
Danfoss was the original inventor of both the radiator thermostat and the automatic differential pressure controller. Today, we have been serving the needs of the heating industry for almost 80 years and are a market leader in automatic heating control technology.

We offer a diverse product portfolio that addresses various needs, ensuring sustainability and comfort whist also ensuring ease of installation and the highest quality.

From self-balancing TRVs that help installers and homeowners achieve optimal room temperatures without manual adjustments, to electronic room controls that enhance efficiency by intelligently managing heating systems. In commercial HVAC systems, our intelligent actuators enable smart HVAC control, while our PICVs (Pressure-Independent Control Valves) precisely regulate flow and temperature. For refrigeration solutions, we offer Low GWP ready systems for transitioning to eco-friendly refrigerants, as well as energy-efficient valves to optimize heat networks and district heating.

Join us in the journey toward sustainable, energy-efficient buildings by exploring our solutions today!

Danfoss Icon2™ hydronic
floor heating

Danfoss Icon2™ is designed with fewer components and in-app guidance for very fast and hassle-free installation. It delivers precise and efficient control of underfloor heating with smart-home compatibility and the flexibility to fit every application.

Radiator Thermostats and Electronic Room Controls

Ensure energy savings and room by room comfort in radiator heating systems with our radiator thermostats and room thermostats.

Differential pressure, flow and temperature controllers

Optimal hydronic balance and perfect temperature control are the key to maximizing the efficiency of heating or cooling networks. As a world leader in heating control technology, we offer a comprehensive range of products and integrated solutions for even the most challenging district energy conditions.